WordPress SEO Training Course

Build your Complete WordPress Website
Save Thousands in Time and Money

WordPress SEO Course

Step by step support: We solve all your questions with building your WordPress website.

Actionable SEO Course

Every single step in the WordPress and SEO Training is applicable on your project.

Premium Resources

We provide you with exclusive manuals, SEO guides and resources.

Online WordPress SEO Training Course and Certificate

17 Years of Experience

Now: Elite WordPress Google SEO Training Certificate & Monetization!

Save Your Money and Time from Rookie Mistakes

Learning Modes: Self-Paced or Bootcamp!

Learn step by step how to create your SEO website, how to correctly set all the necessary plugins you need, how to select hosting, how to select and evaluate themes, setup security.

Do, speed optimization, detailed keyword SEO research. Correctly build your navigation & content strategy,  detailed content writing for SEO.

Find all the monetization methods, and the things to take care of for metrics, and business setup.

Upcoming: Content Marketing Course for your Organic Ranking!

Aiming for ranking and traffic? This is the Course.

Learn: Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Youtube SEO, Long Tail Targeting, GMB, Link Building Strategies, Blogging & more. 

Nail the art of strategizing, planning, creating and executing a Complete Content Marketing campaign.

The course is a supplement to the basic WordPress SEO Straining and will be at a bundle price (if you want both). 

Learning Modes: Self-Paced or Bootcamp!

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Actual SEO Training Course Value in Money

Save several $1000's with our training!

money save

Save $1000>$4500 on website building costs​

Building a correct website, costs from $1000 to several thousands. Our SEO training course eliminates the biggest (if not all) part of that cost.

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Save $600>$2400 in Professional SEO Works

Keyword research, Content Writing and SEO evaluation, costs a lot. Learn with our SEO training course and save all these money for Content, & Search Marketing!


Save $300>$1500 on Monetization Know-How

Use our SEO Training Course to eliminate all the time you wasted, to search which monetization method applies for you. We provide you with all the data.

Meet Chris

Head Trainer for Digital Marketing

In ChannelDoubler, we help businesses and entrepreneurs, to understand the digital marketing landscape, since 2011.

Our courses are not superficial. They literally save you thousands in money and time. Avoid all kinds of rookie mistakes either for your corporate website, your eshop, or your blogging business.

Learn how to monetize!

Christos Vasilopoulos

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Professional SEO Training Course and Certificate

We share our 17 years experience in Digital Marketing

Really learn SEO and build your correct website from day one. Thank us later!

Our platform is an elearning platform, that helps you with your step-by-step learning process.

All content is made by SEO, Content Marketing and Web Development Professionals. We do practice what we preach and tell to our own clients.

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What Our Students Say

Demanding professionals that attended our successful lessons

An interesting course on e-marketing – Christos delivered a comprehensive course on e-marketing essentials, helping participants learn how to set up and manage marketing campaigns, as well as how to measure and assess the ROI. A lot of good ideas for novice and experienced marketers alike.
male student
Matos Kapetanakis, MBA
Prog. Manager: Liberty Global
An amazing experience. Structured courses, combined with getting a bit of actual experience at the very same moment, as well as over-viewing real-life examples or case studies. Last but but not least, thanks to our experienced instructor Chris, the knowledge transfer process worked perfectly (not only) for me. Our time was more than creative, truly engaging and absolutely constructive. I am inspired and challenged to now experiment on this field myself and confident about taking action!
female student
Kallia Kypriotaki
Product Owner: The BEAT App​
This course gives much more from the basic knowledge one needs and at the same time gives you the motivation to do Online Marketing by yourself. To try and evolve. It was also rather important for me that I was motivated to read, research and do new things and at the same time applying them in my work. The small group of students.
female student
Dora Papadakou
Product Manager: Skroutz S.A.

Past eLearning Programs

The Digital Marketing Set

This is an extra set of modules, under a revamp and update process and is not available now. Topics included: Search Engines, Risk Management, Analytics, Adwords and PPC, Social Media.