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Content Marketing, WordPress/WooCommerce Website Building & On-Page SEO Training Courses

Pay once or with 3 months installments. Access everything for 12 months, including all types of updates, tools and support.

Tip: Each month we add more content, beyond the primary course content. We’ve built more than 1000 websites, so far. We shift that experience in the courses.

After our Courses: You got the “aha!” moment you wanted for your business, feeling absolutely confident for each step you take, along with our stellar support. You have a correct website, you receive traffic, and you rank in search engines.

Complete WordPress - WooCommerce Website Building & On-Page SEO Training Course

Self-Paced with Full Support! 17 Years of Experience in one Membership Course - All Open For You to Learn

Learn how to build a WP website and do On-Page SEO from scratch. No technical skills are required. You end up with a complete correct live SEO website.

Online Class Only: Content Marketing Course for Organic Ranking!

Aiming for ranking? Take the Zoom Class Course!

This is an Online Class Course. Learn Local SEO, International SEO, Keyword Research for SEO Content, Mobile SEO, Video SEO, Long Tail Targeting, GMB, Link Building Strategies, Blogging. Nail the art of planning, creating, and executing a Complete Content Marketing campaign. 

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What Our Students Say

Demanding professionals that attended our successful courses

Kallia Kypriotaki

Kallia Kypriotaki, Product Owner at The BEAT App

“Τhis seminar was an amazing experience.. All about search engine optimization in practice used to be a black box for me. Measuring performance by setting up your own goals and metrics, getting closer to your audience and effectively promoting your brand online, were issues that I was not familiar with either. During the last month, my perception of these fields totally changed."

Matos Kapetanakis

Matos Kapetanakis, Program Manager at Liberty Global

“How to measure and assess the ROI. An interesting course on e-marketing – Christos delivered a comprehensive course on e-marketing essentials, helping participants learn how to set up and manage marketing campaigns, as well as how to measure and assess the ROI. A lot of good ideas for novice and experienced marketers alike."

Actual SEO Training Courses Value in Money

Save several $1000's with our training!

$60/mo. - 12 Months Access - Total Experts Support - All Updates Included -  Cancel Anytime

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Save $1000>$4500 on website building costs​

Building a correct website, costs from $1000 to several thousands. Our SEO training course eliminates the biggest (if not all) part of that cost.

seo training course

Save $600>$2400 in Professional SEO and Content Marketing Works

Keyword research, Content Writing and SEO evaluation, costs a lot. Learn with our SEO training course and save all these money for Content, & Search Marketing!

seo training course

Save $300>$1500 on Monetization Know-How

Use our SEO Training Course to eliminate all the time you wasted, to search which monetization method applies for you. We provide you with all the data.

Meet Chris

Head Trainer for Digital Marketing

In ChannelDoubler, we help businesses and entrepreneurs to understand the digital marketing landscape since 2011.

Our courses are not superficial. They literally save you thousands in money and time. Avoid all kinds of rookie mistakes either for your corporate website, eshop, or blogging business. The courses were also taught in numerous organizations, in endorsed courses of C.N.A.M University in Greece, as well as in-house.

Learn how to monetize!

Christos Vasilopoulos
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