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ChannelDoubler provides Digital Marketing services for E-Shops, Hotels, Startups, Restaurants, Business Services in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

We provide Digital Marketing Services, since 2007!

Christos Vasilopoulos

The eLearning program of ChannelDoubler (previously named as MoveForwardSocial) was first introduced in 2011 and it was among the first that approached all digital marketing training topics in a thorough way. It was widely recognized as an holistic training for all topics (PPC, Social, SEO). Chris Vasilopoulos, is the head trainer for the eLearning unit of ChannelDoubler. The course was also taught in numerous organizations, in endorsed courses of C.N.A.M University in Greece, as well as in-house.

This set of courses focuses on detailed SEO/Content Marketing for content sites and e-commerce sites:

  1. On-Page SEO: How to build a WP website (or other) from scratch, with every plugin you need (and correctly set), page speed, content keywords, SEO content creation, and SEO structure research, and monetize it.
  2. Off-Page SEO (Content Marketing): The whole strategy for ranking, backlinking, different forms of SEO, and all are thoroughly explained, along with all the tools you need and how they need to be used. 
  3. WooCommerce: Do you want a completely correct eshop? Then this is the course you need.

Go and read all the details for each of these thorough courses!

Our training is not a simple “superficial” training. You can find many partial or generic courses in Udemy, Coursera and sites like these. But, the different courses you see here, are extremely detailed and are created by people who do this work for nearly two decades.

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What Our Students Have to Say

This course is a great resource for anyone who is considering starting a WordPress blog, or needs a refresher with respect to SEO. Having a little knowledge of SEO and WordPress, I found this course was excellent to reinforce what I knew and provided good solid information on those things I didn’t. Each lecture is easy to understand and provides you with a good working knowledge. The video lectures were of good quality in terms of the production and the information is clear and easy to follow.
female student
Dennise Ryder
Marketing, Udemy Course Student
With Christos Vassilopoulos this seminar was a fun game. When we were creating ELLE website, we “traveled” for 3 months in the mazes of web, discovering keywords that unlocked an unknown world and became enchanted by the infinite possibilities technology can offer. This was a very strong experience: Christos, I am very glad we shared it!.
female student
Flora Tzimaka, Publisher, Director
Τhis seminar was an amazing experience.. All about search engine optimization in practice used to be a black box for me. Measuring performance by setting up your own goals and metrics, getting closer to your audience and effectively promoting your brand online, were issues that I was not familiar with either. During the last month, my perception of these fields totally changed.
female student
Kallia Kypriotaki
Product Owner at The BEAT App
I can say with confidence that I can manage a promotional campaign for any website via internet. I’m really happy that I attended this seminar. Although I had no knowledge on e-marketing now I can say with confidence that I can manage a promoting campaign for any website via internet. The courses are very detailed. Mister Vasilopoulos is by your side throughout the duration of the course and does not let you disappointed if things get harder, because he solves all your questions. I highly recommend it to those who involved in building websites, marketing or have their own website, because the knowledge they gain will help them in their career path.
female student
Eirini Ntoutsi
University Researcher
We covered all the fields. It was very helpful and made us understand all the possible means we can use in social media and SEO to increase our page’s popularity. Also we’ve covered all the fields: how to create tour own site/blog ,how to achieve a higher rank at SEO, how to run your own campaign using Adwords and how to run a campaign in social media.
female student
Georgia Gkalapi
Optimum Marine Management Ltd
How to measure and assess the ROI. An interesting course on e-marketing – Christos delivered a comprehensive course on e-marketing essentials, helping participants learn how to set up and manage marketing campaigns, as well as how to measure and assess the ROI. A lot of good ideas for novice and experienced marketers alike.
male student
Matos Kapetanakis, MBA
Program Manager at Liberty Global
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