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The Complete Content Marketing Course - Online Class

Content is the King! But how do you rank?

A Tool Course for Ranking and Traffic: A complete course and Certificate for blogs, e-shops, corporate websites, and any digital business that aims for Organic Ranking traffic, without wasting any more time and money. This is also a tool and not simply a course.

Having a correct On-Page SEO website is crucial. But how you rank for your money keywords? This content marketing course is the next level.

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"covered all the fields"

Why This Content Marketing Course?

Is the following familiar with what you feel and crave? You build a website to make money from it. That website (blog, eshop, corporate) is your “child.” You want people to find out about it, make it better, and make it grow. However, you are lost in the turbulence of information on all the things that influence the factors of:

  • Ranking
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Awareness
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Content Planning
  • Different Promotional Channels

We feel your pain. We have the same for our own projects, too; we don’t solely provide clients services. 

Getting informed -in a structured way- is a daily job for us (literally). We know how many factors are involved, with all the spatial information out there. It’s a ton of information. Lots of it has valuable insights, while quite a bit is mostly “how to get rich fast” generic “blah.”

The whole content marketing business is not taught entirely at someplace. The reason for that? It changes. It would be best if you had solid foundations, and then you can build on top of them.

This is the value of structured learning against experiments of any kind (that you eventually pay in time and money). Sure, the “university of life” is valuable in learning, but can you spear the time and money? I mean, we are talking about months to years of blindly trying “things” you found in posts.

The amount of time and money you spend is equal to lots of money. Why?


  • Time is a currency.
  • Time deducted from your life is time that never comes back.
  • Eventually, you exchange your time with money and experiences.
  • It takes more time to correct things than learning right.

With that in mind, it is best to invest in structured learning that takes you from zero to 100, and you keep on learning. This is how we build our Courses and how we update them.

Technology permits that now. It wasn’t like that a few years ago.

We share the things we know in a structured way that doesn’t confuse you. We are delighted when we discuss the same with people with whom we share the same everyday pains and concerns about building something great with their time and life.

Our courses (see the WordPress SEO one, too) do exactly that. They save you time and money by showing you the exact steps for all the topics you read here.

It is the best time ever to start an online business since all turn digital.

Do it right, this time.

We practice what we teach.

We don’t just provide services to our clients. We apply all this knowledge to our projects. Thus, we have lots of case studies to present, both for National or International rankings, using Content Marketing. A large part of the course (and all of our courses) are based on real-world case examples that we run and own.

Why are the Content Marketing Course lessons in English?

All our lessons are written in plain English, as all the serious tools you need for doing SEO research are in English. Almost all SEO tools have their interface in the most popular languages. We do support you in English and Greek (if you speak the language).

Content Marketing Course Curriculum

All Content Marketing Steps Shown, Strategized, and Explained

Strategy Planning for Content Marketing

Research for Content Planning Creation

Keywords and Competition analysis and Metrics

Identifying Difficulties in Organic Ranking

Opportunities for Ranking and Traffic: The Process

Metrics setup for Ranking

Follow/NoFollow Strategies

"Broken" Links Strategy

On-Page Blogging Strategy for Ranking

Creation of SEO Content for Content Marketing

Guest Blogging and Editorial Links Strategy

Local SEO - International SEO Strategy

Mobile SEO

Video Strategy for Content Marketing

Forums Discussions for Content Marketing

Press Releases for Content Marketing

Citations for Ranking Enhancement

Back Linking Strategy and Deployment for Authority

Social Signals for Ranking and Content Marketing

On-Page SEO: Analysis & Auditing

Back Linking Optimization and Negative SEO Defense

A Features Rich Course

What We Don't Provide

New Career Planning?

The Content Marketing course is indeed the first step for that. The average Content Marketing Specialist salary is $68,000 (official data from

The salary ranges between $46k – $100k, but there are bonuses and more.

seo training course

Is This Content Marketing Course For You?

Content Marketing Course

This Course is the “logical” next step to our On-Page SEO Course. The SEO course solves everything(!) website related, while the Content Marketing one solves the Off-Page (inbound marketing) works. If someone has a correct website, they can take this course only.

In that aspect, it is addressed to all who want to really know and execute content marketing for Organic Ranking or want to know how their vendors must/will act on their behalf. Keep on reading.

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Do you have a valid VIES business VAT? Type it on the checkout page and deduct the VAT amount too. You are protected. Pay safely with Stripe, Paypal. We offer a “no strings attached” cancellation policy.


dora papadakou

Dora Papadakou, Product Manager at Skroutz S.A.

"This course gives much more from the basic knowledge one needs and at the same time gives you the motivation to do Online Marketing by yourself. To try and evolve. It was also rather important for me that I was motivated to read, research and do new things and at the same time applying them in my work. The small group of students."

Kallia Kypriotaki

Kallia Kypriotaki, Product Owner at The BEAT App

“Τhis seminar was an amazing experience.. All about search engine optimization in practice used to be a black box for me. Measuring performance by setting up your own goals and metrics, getting closer to your audience and effectively promoting your brand online, were issues that I was not familiar with either. During the last month, my perception of these fields totally changed."

Content Marketing Course Value

The Money you Save!

Doing things randomly takes a toll on your time and money. Why do that?

You lose money when things don’t work. Do you have/run a blog or content site or an eshop? Imagine all the lost Paid/Sponsored Opportunities you miss, all these years. All the time wasted in looking at random posts on how to do Digital Marketing with the scope to Rank in Search Engines

Save $2000>$40000 On Ad Spending​

Yes, you read it right. Either rank organically or have a huge wallet to pay Google for Adwords. Content Marketing is about organic ranking, done right for monetization.

Save $1000>$10000 In SEO Content Creation​

Creating content (text, photos, videos, graphics) costs your time and money. Create SEO content for conversions and authority. Know how to do it right from day one.

Earn Thousands On Monthly Monetization​

You want to monetize every page of your website. Having a correct plan and data for getting traffic, authority, and ranking lead there. Monetization comes with data and planning, not with wishes.

Save Money On Team Training​

Get your team trained. Lack of knowledge means to increase team losses. We offer team access to our course(s). Contact us for group pricing models.

The Head Instructor

Chris Vasilopoulos - Head of Digital
17 Years Of Experience​ in Digital Marketing

Christos (Chris) carries more than 17 years of experience in building complete web projects, far more than websites and e-shops. He manages and builds projects for Banks, F&B’s, Retail, Services, Consumer Goods, Universities, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Travel, and Tourism during his working life. He is an avid blogger and traveler too. The sum of all -his and his team- knowledge is channeled through these courses. In numerous organizations, these courses were also taught in endorsed courses of C.N.A.M University Greece, in-house and as B2B specialized courses.

His daily stimulus derives from finding all possible ways to help others and share as much as possible. These courses are based on that exact concept.

Course FAQs

It is best if you do or have access to one, so you can apply all things directly. If you plan to make a website, get the Bundle option which includes this course AND the On-Page SEO course (best price combination).

Alternative, you can take the WP SEO course only and whenever you are ready you can take the Content Management one.

The latter shows you all the steps to build a correct SEO website too. At some point in your business life you will need both, anyway.

Both these courses, help you not to waste time and money in useless experiments.

The course is focused on Off-Page SEO.  

It is entry level to intermediate and can get to professional if you do your homework and come with tons of questions, while you do the course. 

The level of detail is high and it can go as deep as you can go.

The Self Paced way of doing the course is almost ready to launch, but we advise you to take the Live one, as many things are answered on each Live session and you can move even faster.

Each learning meeting takes about 3 hours to complete. You have lots of things to do after that too and see the progress on your own.

Yes, it is. However, working through a laptop is best as you do hands-on work on using tools and research for things. You cannot do these easily via any smartphone or tablet. You can use the latter for recap though.

This may apply with personal or corporate businesses. You need to ask your accountant. 

It usually does, and if you are based outside of UK, you can skip the whole VAT amount (now included in the fee you see).

Digital Goods (like this course) are under a VAT status.

Yes, there is one for the Live courses.

The only tactic is organized, structured work and knowledge.

Our courses are not “get rich quick” schemes. 

Get ready to teach yourself about Digital and Content Marketing.

We provide a Certification of Completion, but that is not needed actually. 

The whole Digital Marketing is not asking for certifications from you.

Some of the best we know, have zero “certifications”. Enroll, and start learning and apply all that you learn. 

That is the key to progress.

We are in this market for 17 years and keep on learning. 

The only way to go fast is driving a fast car on an empty road.

There are no empty roads, wherever there are opportunities.

So, study and learn and you will progress.

Sure. Send us an email to, or simply use the contact form.

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