Best Online WordPress On-Page SEO Certificate 2020

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The one and only WordPress On-Page SEO Course you need to build any website from scratch and monetize it. Read the Course Syllabus and details and what is offered. Take the only complete WordPress On-Page SEO course you need, in order to build a correct website from day one!

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Note: The On-Page SEO Certificate is under a single-user access status and you get access for 6 months (180 days). For more than one user or/and for groups, there is always a discount depending on the number of users. Contact us for details. If you are an EU based business (excluding the UK), or in any other country outside of the EU, then you can deduct the VAT cost by simply entering your VAT ID in the checkout.

Avoid the most common mistake, millions of businesses do. They don’t make their website correct from day one. They have a wrong website and despite that, they aim for inbound marketing. That is like pouring water (time and money) in a bottomless bucket!

Don’t waste your valuable time. Don’t waste your money. Learn how to do it correctly or -at least- use this detailed course to learn what exactly you must expect from your web developer, SEO consultant, and web designer!

Learn through 60+ long, thorough, detailed step-by-step topics. Do you want to learn -from 0 to 100- how to build a website and monetize it through an On-Page SEO course? This detailed course is for you. There is no “generic” or vague content in this course.

You will learn step by step how to create the website, how to correctly set all the necessary plugins you need, how to select hosting, how to select and evaluate themes, security, speed optimization, detailed keyword SEO research, complete SEO content writing and monetization.

Learn how to correctly build your navigation/content strategy, detailed content writing and building On-Page SEO, all the monetization methods and references, and the things to take care of for metrics, and business setup.

We even guide you on how to properly set up an e-shop and why you need each element you advise for.

This On-Page SEO Course saves you thousands in money and tons of hours.

Major Lessons Covered in the WordPress On-Page SEO Course

We analyze and show with detailed steps, every single thing on the process of making a website that is on-page SEO friendly from day one. Every single one of the 60+ topics comes with detailed instructions, screenshots, and videos (where necessary). All the resources you need, along with free, freemium and paid tools are shown and explained.

Every single step on how to research for Money Keywords and create SEO content is explained.

  • Starting a New Website From Scratch​
  • Domain Evaluation​
  • Themes/Templates Evaluation
  • Hosting: How to Choose and Setup
  • Complete WordPress Manual
  • Building the Website
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • All Crucial Plugins and Functionality Setup
  • Page Speed Optimization Exact Process and Tools
  • Security Optimization
  • The Process of Ranking
  • Step by Step Keyword Research for On-Page SEO
  • Money Keywords Selection Process
  • On-Page SEO Professional Tools Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Writing On-Page SEO Content Step by Step
  • Correct On-Page SEO Content Examples
  • SEO Navigation Structure
  • 7 Types of Monetization: Analysis and Resources
  • The Correct eShop
  • Networking and Publicity
  • Running a Business

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There are no special requirements for the Online SEO Course. You just need an Internet connection and a decision to build a website or learn about how to do it right from the beginning.

Do you plan to launch a website on a non-WP platform? No problem at all! 90% of the course solves all issues for any platform you may have.

Yes, it is that good!