Best WordPress eCommerce Course: WooCommerce for Conversions

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Do you want to build a meaningful e-business with the WordPress ECommerce platform (WooCommerce)? Then you need our Live Class Course for that. It is far from “just installing WooCommerce.” It is a complete hands-on course to get you from zero to 100.

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Do you want a WordPress eCommerce eshop? This WooCommerce course takes you on every step of creating a correct eshop with all the “why’s and when’s” and tools you must have so you can really sell online. Whether you want to sell services, digital goods, memberships, content(!), or physical goods, this course takes you there.

Ecommerce “exploded” in 2020 and kept on rising. That happens in every country and continent.

If you want to have a secure, fast, and e-commerce optimized eshop with WooCommerce, then this course is for you.

Planning for multilingual, multicurrency sales? We help you understand how and why to set all these.

The course is offered in 2 options, with different (discounted) prices:

  1. Standalone WooCommmerce eshop Live Class Course
  2. A bundle with our popular On-Page SEO (Live Class or Self-Paced). See the numerous features of the SEO Course.

In case you want to attend the Content Marketing course too, we will offer you an additional discount. Let us know.

Is this Course for you?

If you plan to create or fix an e-shop, then this is for you. If you plan not to waste time and money in experiments, take this course. If you are new to eBusiness and eCommerce, then definitely take this course.

These troubling times, building an eBusiness is doable without wasting tons of time and money on experiments. In all our courses, the knowledge and tools exist; you need to learn and apply things in the right order.

The Outcome of  the WordPress eCommerce Course

You will end up with all the knowledge you need to have a complete converting eshop, based on WooCommere.

Even if you plan to use a different platform, all the tools, methods, and strategies are explained. In that way, you can apply them with any platform (Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, or any other).

What is included in the standalone WooCommerce Eshop Live Class Course?

  1. Digital Transformation: From brick and mortar to eCommerce
  2. The One-Person Eshop
  3. How to Start for Future Scaling
  4. Install and setup a complete basic WooCommerce store
  5. Necessary Base Plugins and their Correct Setup
  6. Speed Optimization without conflicts
  7. Security Optimization
  8. On-Page SEO for eCommerce
  9. Competition and Pricing
  10. Basics of Content Marketing for Organic Ranking for Eshops
  11. Basics of Content Marketing for Products and Landing Pages
  12. Ecommerce Strategies and Conversions Tracking
  13. Channel Distribution and Marketplaces Setup
  14. Different Product types and Strategies
  15. Handling Stock Management and Logistics
  16. Setting up and Managing the Production>Sale>Distribution Cycle in Ecommerce
  17. Third-party ERPs and CRMs: Do You Need Them? When?
  18. Managing the Customer (orders, returns, refunds, upselling, cross-selling)
  19. Email Marketing for Ecommerce and Conversion Funnels
  20. Managing Marketing Agencies for Ecommerce
  21. Affiliate Marketing for Ecommerce
  22. The Affiliate Eshop – Niches and How to Set it up
  23. Bonus: The Real Ecommerce Platforms Comparison

Extras for the WordPress ECommerce Course

  1. Certificate of Attendance
  2. Free Advisory for the Course: All questions answered

Comparison with other “Competitor” Courses

Our course is complete.

Not only it shows you how to set up a WooCommerce store (for which are tons of manuals, if you know how to search), but it takes you on each step of actually setting up an eBusiness. Such is far from the “tech” part of installing WP + Woo.

It requires knowledge in doing eBusiness, developing eshops, building, and deploying strategies for local/multinational eCommerce sites. We are frequently commissioned with taking a business from brick-and-mortar to an eCommerce one (that is frequently met as Digital Transformation).

It is that knowledge that we pass through all our Courses.

If you Google around for “similar” courses, you will find that almost all charge over USD150-200 for simply showing you how to install Woocommerce and WP. We don’t do (or like) that.

We want someone to come to our Course(s) and leave happy, knowing all the steps they need to build a correct e-Business.

We are fans of working remotely (since 2010) and for being completely “digital,” and we know how to do another business like that.

In these “weird” days, setting up an online business is far easier than it used to be.

Take the course, or ask us for details.