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This course is a great resource for anyone who is considering starting a WordPress blog, or needs a refresher with respect to SEO. Having a little knowledge of SEO and WordPress, I found this course was excellent to reinforce what I knew and provided good solid information on those things I didn’t. Each lecture is easy to understand and provides you with a good working knowledge. The video lectures were of good quality in terms of the production and the information is clear and easy to follow.
female student
Dennise Ryder
Marketing, Udemy Course Student
With Christos Vassilopoulos this seminar was a fun game. When we were creating ELLE website, we “traveled” for 3 months in the mazes of web, discovering keywords that unlocked an unknown world and became enchanted by the infinite possibilities technology can offer. This was a very strong experience: Christos, I am very glad we shared it!.
female student
Flora Tzimaka, Publisher, Director
The very first time I saw the advertisement on Chris’s seminar I was really reluctant. I thought that it was one more theoretical seminar. However all my doubts were resolved after our first meeting. Christos is an excellent tutor, ready to answer all your questions with case studies, examples and even role playing! This seminar was really fun and enlightening! Together we explored the world of social media, SEO and e-marketing and must admit that now I am ready to answer your questions , as well! I strongly recommend it to those who fed up hearing theories and want some action!
Venetsiana Papachristou
Venetsiana Papachristou
Central Fruit & Veg. Market of Athens
A different journey into the area of e-marketing and social media, with Christos Vassilopoulos as my driver and a group of 4 persons as my fellow passengers. The seminar was so simple even for me who come from a completely different field of work and it helped me understand concepts and techniques otherwise obscure. My collaboration with Chris was unique because he is a man who knows what, how, when and to whom to say anything needed in order to be understood. I strongly recommend this course to those who wish to truly understand what e-marketing, social media marketing and SEO are, and how these things work not in theory but in practice! Prepare your laptops!
agni damoulaki
Agni Damoulaki
Precision Medicine Partner at Roche
This needs to be done from all people who actually depend upon the Internet. Either they come from Sales, Advertisement or Marketing. It’s easy to understand. The lessons use simple language and helps you understand the way search engines “think” even if you are a novice in the art of setting up a website. This stands for me. I come from a different professional space and by only knowing the basics for how Search Engines work, I didn’t have any issue to understand from the first moment the importance of having a correct website. This way the possibilities to have my website more visible out there were multiplied. Thanks to Chris, now, all seem more clear. In a few days my e-commerce website will be online and I am sure that the result of this seminar will soon pay out.
george doumouras
George Doumouras, Owner
As a young entrepreneur i was familiar with the potential, the dynamics and the prospects of S.E.O, WEB marketing and social Media in business. When I came across this seminar (or shall i say workshop?) I decided to attend it just to enrich my knowledge. Eventually it was highly constructive, pleasant, and educational thanks to our tutor Chris who had an interactive and unique way to make everything simple and easy to understand. Social Media and Web consultancy for health professionals is what i do to make a living and i highly recommend this seminar because it made things easier for me.
panagiotis giannakeas
Giannakeas Panagiotis
Social Doctor
This course gives much more from the basic knowledge one needs and at the same time gives you the motivation to do Online Marketing by yourself. To try and evolve. It was also rather important for me that I was motivated to read, research and do new things and at the same time applying them in my work. The small group of students.
dora papadakou
Dora Papadakou
Product Manager at Skroutz S.A.
The seminar is good and instructive. Really want to learn even more about Facebook.
male student
Spyros Glykas
Digital Services
This course was very useful to me. I want to move further with the “blue cars example” and act through that concept/paradigm. I really appreciate what you do.
male student
Kalogiropoulos Gerasimos
This course helped me to go deep regarding my knowledge and tools for Online Marketing. To evaluate differently the capabilities and focus that their usage defines and feel confident that I can utilize them in a productive way.
Fani Kyrkou
Fani Kyrkou
Communications Professional | Public Relations
Τhis seminar was an amazing experience.. All about search engine optimization in practice used to be a black box for me. Measuring performance by setting up your own goals and metrics, getting closer to your audience and effectively promoting your brand online, were issues that I was not familiar with either. During the last month, my perception of these fields totally changed.
Kallia Kypriotaki
Kallia Kypriotaki
Product Owner at The BEAT App
I can say with confidence that I can manage a promotional campaign for any website via internet. I’m really happy that I attended this seminar. Although I had no knowledge on e-marketing now I can say with confidence that I can manage a promoting campaign for any website via internet. The courses are very detailed. Mister Vasilopoulos is by your side throughout the duration of the course and does not let you disappointed if things get harder, because he solves all your questions. I highly recommend it to those who involved in building websites, marketing or have their own website, because the knowledge they gain will help them in their career path.
female student
Eirini Ntoutsi
University Researcher
Clear guidelines and numerous useful professional tips. A very interesting seminar, all e-marketing inclusive, with clear guidelines and numerous useful professional tips. Great for those who are in search of an affordable solution in order to launch and take control of their own e-commerce campaign.
eirini tsoni
Eirini Tsoni
Fashion Brand Manager
A practical and substantive social media and SEO seminar which channeled knowledge through smart examples
female student
Athena Stylogianni
Assistant Manager
We covered all the fields. It was very helpful and made us understand all the possible means we can use in social media and SEO to increase our page’s popularity. Also we’ve covered all the fields: how to create tour own site/blog, how to achieve a higher rank at SEO, how to run your own campaign using Adwords and how to run a campaign in social media.
Georgia Gkalapi
Georgia Gkalapi
Optimum Marine Management Ltd
How to measure and assess the ROI. An interesting course on e-marketing – Christos delivered a comprehensive course on e-marketing essentials, helping participants learn how to set up and manage marketing campaigns, as well as how to measure and assess the ROI. A lot of good ideas for novice and experienced marketers alike.
Matos Kapetanakis
Matos Kapetanakis, MBA
Program Manager at Liberty Global
Substantive knowledge, in the right time. The public has to learn from you. Thank you Chris. Keep on loving whatever you do.
orestis mathioudakis
Orestis Mathioudakis
Google Adwords Specialist
Made us realize how important is to structure a functional site. It was a really useful seminar!! It made us realize how important is to structure a functional site according to the SEO rules. It gave us food for new ideas in the direction of getting better in the field of on line marketing. It is a great tool to promote your website, your brand, to get closer to your clients and of course it gives you basic knowledge for being capable of evaluating your web developer.
mods hair
Mod’s Hair marketing team
Excellent course. This course was for us an essential experience. Our online marketing knowledge was minimum but in this short time (of the course) we managed to create our very own website. Plus SEO, SEO, Adwords, Analytics etc. were put in the right perspective, through Christos continuous support. He is easy to understand, plain in the way of explaining things and “obsessed with yellow bananas” (note: course meme joke). Thank you Chris.
stamatis provatas
Stamatis Provatas
Furniture manufacturer and seller
Useful and intensive course, that offers the necessary tools to be able to setup your website, by yourself. You will learn the secrets of SEO and acquire the knowledge to properly promote your website through Adwords or Social Media. Even if you do have experience with web development, with this course you get things straight and in the right order. Mistakes are reduced and new creative ideas are born!
female student
Ir. Antoniadis
From Greece
A thorough insight into the vast Google Realm delivered in an entertaining yet highly informative style. Very well structured, outlines all the necessary tips and tools for launching a web-campaign. Ideal for beginners who are looking for a stimulating introduction into the workings of e-marketing. Recommended.
male student
Haris Tsitouras
From Greece
I have to admit that this one was the most practical. Having attended quite a few seminars lately, I have to admit that this one was the most practical, and gave me more confidence as to how to use internet marketing tools. Unlike most seminars, that gives you very general ideas and theories that you don’t know how to put into action, this one made me start working the next day. Chris has been very patient with a group of people where some had no idea of the subject, and answered every question, no matter how naive it may sounded. On this, I have to congratulate him twice!
effie imam
Effie Imam
From Greece
Very modern course and wealth of information, as well as variety of information. The teacher had very good knowledge of his area and was very good in his teaching and communication ways.
fanilia kouki
Fanilia Kouki
From Greece
I believe Online Marketing is quite a challenge for anyone who stands at the start point of understanding it. Taking the decision to join the seminar was the best choice I could make right now. The whole experience gave me the valuable opportunity to make a very much needed self-evaluation of my knowledge so far and it also helped me to move to the next level. Thank you Christos!
female student
Theodora Stathi
From Greece