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Start your Business without Rookie Mistakes! Learn to build a WordPress website site, from 0 to 100. Rank in Google with On-Page SEO, Pagespeed, Keyword Research, Complete SEO Content Writing, and Monetize

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The WordPress SEO Course (and all the upcoming ones), are genuinely developed by ChannelDoubler Digital Marketing (17 years of experience).

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Best Online On-Page SEO, Complete WordPress Site, Monetization

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The WordPress SEO course includes:

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Online WordPress SEO Course, Complete Website, Monetization!

Learn through 60+ long, thorough, detailed step-by-step topics. Do you want to learn -from 0 to 100- how to build a website and monetize it? This detailed course is for you. There is no “generic” or vague content in this course. 

You will learn step by step how to create the website, how to correctly set all the necessary plugins you need, how to select hosting, how to select and evaluate themes, security, speed optimization, detailed keyword SEO research, how to correctly build your navigation/content strategy, detailed content writing and building for SEO, all monetization methods and references, and the things to take care of for metrics, and business setup. 

We even guide you on how to properly setup an eshop and why you need each element we advise for.

This On-Page WordPress SEO Course, saves you thousands in money and tons of hours.

Read the Testimonials for all our past courses. Our SEO course was part of them.

Comparison with other Courses

Our Difference: We Save You Money and Time from Rookie Mistakes

Enroll with Nothing, Exit With Everything!

What We Provide

What We Don't Provide

wordpress online seo course

High Extra Value

Complete WordPress User Manual

You have access to our 215 pages(!) Online WordPress Manual (for the latest stable version) with instructions and screenshots, so to learn WP inside out. 

This is not the common “WP Help”. We update the manual for every new version of WordPress.

Students Talk for our Online Courses

The seminar was so simple even for me who come from a completely different field of work and it helped me understand concepts and techniques otherwise obscure. My collaboration with Chris was unique because he is a man who knows what, how, when and to whom to say anything needed in order to be understood. I strongly recommend this course to those who wish to truly understand what e-marketing, social media marketing and SEO are, and how these things work not in theory but in practice! Prepare your laptops!
female student
Agni Damoulaki
Precision Medicine Partner at Roche
With Christos Vassilopoulos this seminar was a fun game. When we were creating ELLE website, we “traveled” for 3 months in the mazes of web, discovering keywords that unlocked an unknown world and became enchanted by the infinite possibilities technology can offer. This was a very strong experience: Christos, I am very glad we shared it!.
female student
Flora Tzimaka, Publisher, Director
This course gives much more from the basic knowledge one needs and at the same time gives you the motivation to do Online Marketing by yourself. To try and evolve. It was also rather important for me that I was motivated to read, research and do new things and at the same time applying them in my work. The small group of students.
female student
Dora Papadakou
Product Manager at Skroutz S.A.
An interesting course on e-marketing – Christos delivered a comprehensive course on e-marketing essentials, helping participants learn how to set up and manage marketing campaigns, as well as how to measure and assess the ROI. A lot of good ideas for novice and experienced marketers alike.
male student
Matos Kapetanakis, MBA
Program Manager at Liberty Global

What You Need for the Course

WordPress SEO Course Requirements

There are no special requirements for the Online SEO Course. You just need an Internet connection and a decision to build a website or learn about how to do it right from the beginning. 

Do you plan to launch a website on a non-WP platform? No problem at all! For example you may use one of these:

The course is perfect and you can still use 90% of this course.

online wordpress seo course requirements

Online SEO Course Lessons Syllabus (incl. 60+ Detailed Topics)

All the different steps you need to set before even starting building your website / eshop.

Evaluating the real worth of a domain name, its authority, and how you choose a domain name.

All the different parameters that affect your choice of a ready Theme/Template. The evaluation research before you buy.

How to choose hosting, suggestions and how to correctly setup hosting in relation to a website and a domain name. We even paste the things you have to ask your hosting.

For every new WP version we create and post an online interactive manual, made for users; not for developers.

Without coding, you setup the proper foundations for building the website.

Branding and all the different parameters that affect marketing and your Logotype, explained.

All websites need a specific range of plugins to be installed, no matter your business. We show and explain each of them, with instructions and detailed screenshots, and the reason why.

All the steps to make a fast website, on top of your hosting server. No coding needed.

How to secure the website. All the exact things to do.

Analyzing the complete ranking process and how it is done. On-Page and Off-page SEO explained.

Planning and doing all the thorough keyword research for Money Keywords. It is done through a case that brings together business goals and tools.

How we build a keyword structure, how to prioritize and build the Keyword Matrix.

Keyword and Metrics Research through popular SEO tools (steps and screenshots). We show and explain the process for two different tools, both available with free versions.

Tools and processes to analyze Competitors and defining important data you need in order to do on-Page SEO.

Every single step of SEO content creation is shown and explained, with examples.

Examples of final SEO content.

Explaining and showing how to build a robust navigation structure, that influences content, SEO, marketing and design.

Each monetization method is explained on how it works, it’s pros and cons, plus all the resources you need in order to start doing it on your own.

You want to sell online. What you need to set, no matter in what business sector you are.

How to expand and get recognized? What are the steps others do in order to make their content popular.

All the base things you need in order to run an online business from anywhere, plus resources for Accounting, Management and Collaboration.

You are protected. Pay safely with Stripe, Paypal or via Bank. We offer a “no strings attached” cancellation policy.

WordPress SEO Course Online

Who Must Enroll in this Course?

Everyone who wants to Sell Online!

wordpress seo for home based business

Any Size Business to Home Based Businesses

wordpress seo for entrepreneurs bootstrap business

Entrepreneurs and Bootstrapped Startups

wordpress seo for content creators

Content Creators and Web Developers

This course is for anyone who wants to start any type of online business or any type of website and wants to find out how to do it right from day one. Why? Because it costs far more to fix things than to make them right from the beginning. As we are 17 years in this business that is proven every single day with every single project. Follow the instructions and you end up with a perfect, complete website. 

WordPress SEO Course Learning and Certification

With your subscription you get immediate access to the course Lessons and Topics. Learn at your own pace. We want you to learn, build and grow. We want you to grow so much, that you can afford to hire more personnel and extend your business.


Notes Tool

On each page you have a floating Notes Tool. Take notes, save them in your account and download them at any point, as MSWord files.


Learning Tools

Along the course you will find Questions and Quizzes. The course is Mobile-Friendly. You can catch up even in a bus or Metro.

online support


We provide support in specific days and hours, once a week. Sum up all your questions and we will address them in detail. We do webinars too.


SEO Course Certification

At the end of the course, you automatically receive your Certification of Completion, with your name, date and course title.

You are protected. Pay safely with Stripe, Paypal or via Bank. We offer a “no strings attached” cancellation policy.

Why We Created This Online WordPress SEO Course?

Existing technology permits to anyone to start any kind of online business and learning how to build a correct website that is Search Engine Optimized and Search Engine Friendly. The problem with technology is not that it is expensive but it is not adopted and used right. That costs. Errors cost money. 

We know that as we run our online-only business for the last 12 years (and carry more than 17 years of experience). The first step is to build a correct website presence, no matter what your business model is about. Building a correct website, before any kind of inbound marketing, is crucial. 

Many struggle with trying to figure out what is wrong with their website, why their pages don’t rank high in search engines and why it is slow. They don’t know how to research for “money keywords”, how to implement them in their On-Page SEO and how to technically optimize their website for SEO. 

The answer? Most people build it wrong from the beginning. It’s OK. It happens. Now, all can learn how to do it right.

Most people do not know how to avoid rookie mistakes and they waste tons of money and time into trying to figure out “what is wrong”. In the last few years, technology has such things solved. You just need to do the right things and then build up on top of them.

We know how to deliver a website that is correct from all aspects. Such a website is the one you need in order to conduct any kind of Content Marketing or AdWords or Social Marketing or e-Business. 

So, we decided to put an end to all your struggle by reviving and amplifying this course and make it available to all those who are in a bootstrap budget and want to simply start doing things right. We address this course to all those who don’t want mediocre training or partial training. It is extremely detailed and we answer your questions.

This course explains, instructs, and takes you step-by-step through the same process we follow for any client in order to deliver a correct website for them. It contains literally everything you need to build a website and even monetize it (if you want a content site for monetization).

When you do this course, you will find yourself “screaming”: “I can’t believe I did it wrong all this time”.

The COVID Case

During these troubled days, an increasing number of people ask us and try to figure out what they can do while they are restricted due to physical limitations. The whole market and the ways someone reaches new income and clients, changes. 

Our courses solve that. 

Do you have an idea and want to build the website in a bootstrap budget? This and all our courses is how you do it and how you create the content for it. This course -along with our included support- saves many people from wasting lots of money and tons of time.

We use the same methods for building websites and we tell the same things to our clients. They are included in our proposals.