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WordPress Website Building
"clear guidelines"
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Why We Created This Course?

We wanted to solve our problem first!

We have all this knowledge (17 years in digital marketing) related to how to start building a website or an online business. Where do you start? What should you do first, then second, etc.?

We don’t have every single detail just flying in our minds. We use guidelines and processes and “things to do first, etc..” That is how a team works best. That is how project management is organized best. Our cumulative knowledge is best used when it is used in an orderly and structured manner.

But it is not just us. Our aspiring clients need the same things. It usually starts with a “Hey, Chris…” and goes like that:

  • What is the correct order of doing things to have a correct website from day one?
  • How to build my website as a non-technical?
  • What is SEO, or should I care at all? How to apply SEO correctly?
  • How to choose a domain name?
  • Is “this” or “that” the correct hosting package? How to know?
  • How to find the correct way to write my content?
  • How to organize the information on my website?
  • How to insert products? How products rank in search engines?
  • How to run an online business with fewer resources?
  • How do I fix my wrongly developed website?
  • How to make my website popular?
  • How to make money from my blog/eshop/corporate/another website?
  • How to manage design, development and marketing vendors?

There are tons of questions and variations of them. If you put them all together, they make a rather big “wiki” of information. All these important things are constantly discussed in almost all phone calls or Zoom meetings in any country. Businesspersons want their business to:

  • Get Issues Fixed Fast or
  • Start Right

Why? Because, it costs a lot to fix things. Please, read that again. It is as simple as that. 

We hate losing time on things that can be done correctly from day one. We don’t want to make mistakes. We know you don’t want that either.

Many people have that kind of “pain.” Either through hard or soft life-business lessons, people eventually find out that lack of structured knowledge and work, costs time and money.

In online business (or any), errors always have these three (3) sides:

  1. It takes time to find them.
  2. It takes time and money to correct them.
  3. It takes time to see the corrections work for you.

So, errors cost time and money; lots of it. Is there room for many errors and losing money? No, there is not. Since there is not, why not learning to do things right from the beginning?

You can’t be “late” at learning right. Any moment is great to start learning.

Time lost takes a huge toll on your business and personal life, not to mention your wallet and psychology.

We sympathize. We want the same things, as we are a business too. We have clients and our own projects.

All that need for structure and methods, led us to create this course for everyone who wants to learn things right with our help. We use it, as a checklist too. This is structured knowledge, with your goal in mind.

About the SEO Course

This is a course as a tool for non-developers!!! Take our WP/Woo SEO training course and start your Online Business without rookie mistakes, or fix any existing ones! Build a correct website, from 0 to 100. Rank in Google with On-Page SEO, Pages Speed, Keyword Research, SEO Content Writing, and Monetize. Build the correct SEO Eshop or any website you deserve!  When you complete it and get your certificate, you may want to keep your membership so to learn even more things on content marketing. 

We provide the course under our thinking of Amazing Quality with Tolerable Fees.

We place no limits on when you want to complete it. It is entirely up to you. Besides the extended SEO Course for the Certificate of Completion, we insert lots of content every single month. You can keep learning new thins on marketing forever and thus become a valuable expert for you and your clients.

Start right today. Do not waste any more time in experiments and going through 100’s of blog posts.

Our course guarantees to guide you through building a WordPress SEO website from scratch. No kidding. That is why we are proud to call it a complete SEO course. By learning the process (no tech geeky things needed), you can build or fix your website.

Why are the SEO Course lessons in English?

All our lessons are written in plain English, as all the serious tools you need for doing SEO, research and find themes, etc., are in English. WP may have an admin section in many languages, but that’s that. Almost all SEO tools have their interface in the most popular languages. We do support you in English and Greek (if you speak the language).

Course Curriculum

70+ Extremely Detailed Topics, plus Free Website Hosting For the Course.

All On-Page SEO Steps are Shown and Explained and you get your Certificate too.

Starting a New Website From Scratch​

All the tools and Steps for Domain Evaluation

Themes/Templates Evaluation

Hosting: How to Choose and Setup

Building the Website

Branding and Logo Design

All Crucial Plugins and Functionality Setup

Page Speed Optimization Exact Process and Tools

Security Optimization

The Process of Ranking

Step by Step Keyword Research: On-Page SEO

WooCommerce Complete Installation and Setup

Product Pages SEO

Pricing, Competition and Automations

Accounting, Orders and Customers Automation

SEO Research with Professional Tools

Thorough Competitor Analysis

Writing SEO Content Step by Step

Correct SEO Content Examples

SEO Navigation Structure

7 Types of Monetization: Analysis and Resources

The Correct eShop

Networking and Publicity

Running a Business

Do You Need more Features?

What We Don't Provide

New Career Planning?

This course is indeed the first step for that. The average Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist Salary is $45,948 (official data from Payscale.com). 

The salary ranges between $35k – $64k, but there are bonuses and more.

seo training course

Learn The right SEO tools

We teach you the Methods to find your SEO Money Keywords





Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner


SEO Spyglass

link assistant

Link Assistant

rank tracker

Rank Tracker

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WordPress and WooCommerce On-Page SEO Course

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dora papadakou

Dora Papadakou, Product Manager at Skroutz S.A.

"This course gives much more from the basic knowledge one needs and at the same time gives you the motivation to do Online Marketing by yourself. To try and evolve. It was also rather important for me that I was motivated to read, research and do new things and at the same time applying them in my work. The small group of students."

Matos Kapetanakis

Matos Kapetanakis, Program Manager at Liberty Global

“How to measure and assess the ROI. An interesting course on e-marketing – Christos delivered a comprehensive course on e-marketing essentials, helping participants learn how to set up and manage marketing campaigns, as well as how to measure and assess the ROI. A lot of good ideas for novice and experienced marketers alike."

How is our Course Different from Competitors?

It costs much more to fix things than making them right from day one. Our SEO course is perfect for any size businesses, content creators, web developers, web designers, digital marketers, aspiring bloggers, startups, career shifters and anyone who wants to have a correct website or fix an existing one. It is perfect for eshops, content sites, services sites, corporate sites and any niche market sites. Contact us for group prices or other cooperation requests.

Why it is different? Read all the following reasons and ask us for more details.

Huge Return on Investment

Our SEO courses and WP website building save you tons of money and tons of wasted time, with an affordable cost. Learn, apply and evolve. Don't waste your time and money with experiments. Our knowledge and technology are already there to help you out.

We know the painful truth

It is impossible to do SEO (on-page/off-page) for ranking, without having a correctly build website. Don't let anyone talk you into something else.

We practice what we preach

We are a team of Digital Marketers, SEO analysts, and implementors, that do this job for 17 years. We are not just travel bloggers or fashion bloggers or only one thing. Our projects and clients come from different markets with many different needs.

We are ecommerce advisors and auditors

Our clients hire us not to just build their websites, but to additionally organize their e-commerce workflow and resources, even their digital transformation model. That experience is transferred to you through our support.

We understand "startup"

We know what it means to start with "bootstrap" resources and "shoestring" budgets. We created our courses with that in mind.

Build applicable knowledge

You have a membership model for our SEO course, at an affordable cost. Keep it as much as you like so as to build your WP/Woo SEO website. Keep it for longer to receive our extra content for Content Marketing.

We cover the correct topics

We don't just show you what each WP section is about. However, we do include that (more than 210 pages with screenshots and exact instructions), but that is just 1/70th of our base Course!

We teach you the tools

We show you all the tools for SEO Money Keywords Research and how to implement that information.

Real support

We support you on every step and with everything you don't understand.

We don't aim to sell you services

Our Course(s) are not "Sales Pitches". They are made to teach you the job.

Why you won't find us in "Low Cost Courses Marketplaces"

Our course tickets are extremely affordable. On top, our content quality is extremely higher compared to online "Academies". You don't need to buy 20 different unrelated "mini-courses" with $12 each or any "All Digital Marketing You Can Eat" courses. Our courses focus on one -big- specific thing: Website Building with on-page SEO and then with Content Marketing. That is pretty huge, interweaved, and must be structured. Doing a "little bit of this and that" is not learning and, eventually, costs more.

We don't fill pages with meaningless content

Our course is not about "success stories" or "interviews" of famous people (that gives zero value to you) or "good to have" plugins/themes/concepts. It is a structured course for non-developers, with one goal in mind: to have a correct complete website that is on-page search engine optimized.

We don't provide you with "content snapshots"

That won't work for you for the same reason marketplaces content is not working, or random posts are not working. With us you get structured lessons, not "snapshots", neither "quick lists" or "cheat sheets".

We respect your time and money

For all the reasons mentioned above, we respect your time, money and your dreams in the same way we respect ours.

Save $1000>$4500 On Website Building Costs​

Building a correct website, costs from $1000 to several thousand. Our SEO course training eliminates that cost.

Save $1000>$3000 in Professional SEO Works

Keyword research, Content Writing, and SEO evaluation costs a lot. Learn with our SEO course and save all this money.

Save $1000>$4500 On Monetization Learning

Use our Google SEO Course to eliminate all the time you wasted to search which monetization method applies to you. 

Content Bonus x2

wordpress seo course

Free Hosting: We provide you with free hosting (Linux Server, SSD) for your new project for the whole course duration. We want you to be able to start immediately with your project. When you are ready, you can continue with our hosting or move the website wherever you like best.

Complete WordPress User Manual: You have access to our 210+ pages(!) Online WordPress Manual (for the latest stable version) with instructions and screenshots to learn WP inside out.

This is not the common “WP Help.” We update the manual for every new version of WordPress.

17 years of experience

The Head Instructor

Chris Vasilopoulos
Head of Digital

Christos (Chris) carries more than 17 years of experience in building complete web projects, far more than websites and e-shops. He manages and builds projects for Banks, F&B’s, Retail, Services, Consumer Goods, Universities, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Travel, and Tourism during his working life. He is an avid blogger and traveler too. The sum of all -his and his team- knowledge is channeled through these courses. In numerous organizations, these courses were also taught in endorsed courses of C.N.A.M University Greece, in-house and as B2B specialized courses.

His daily stimulus derives from finding all possible ways to help others and share as much as possible. These courses are based on that exact concept.


Most frequent questions and answers

You will learn to build one from scratch (no technical knowledge required), so you will have a website and then proceed with researching and applying on-page SEO for that.

Yes. We made each step rather thorough and we provide solutions to your issues and questions.

You don’t neet to be a web developer.

You plan your time with the self-paced option. Take it as easy as you can afford.

Yes, it is. However, working through a laptop/desktop is best as you do hands-on work on using tools and research for things. You cannot do these easily via any smartphone or tablet. You can use the latter for recap though.

This may apply with personal or corporate businesses. You need to ask your accountant. 

It usually does, and if you are a business based outside of UK, you can skip the whole VAT amount. 

There are not such things, and whoever claims such simply wants to lure you into something else.

The only tactic is organized, structured work and knowledge. We do provide you with lots of extra Resources on how you can automate many of the SEO or content marketing works. In fact, we constantly enhance that “Toolbox”.

Our courses are not “get rich quick” schemes. 

We provide a Certification of Completion, but that is not needed actually. 

The whole Digital Market is not asking for certifications from you, but to be able to do the tasks on hand.

Some of the best people in digital marketing we know, have zero “certifications”. Enroll, and start learning and apply all that you learn. 

That is the key to progress.

Of course… There will always be. Try them and let us know.

Sure. Send us an email to elearning@channeldoubler.co.uk, or simply use the contact form.